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 General terms and conditions of use of the LIVEAS web portal and services

LIVEAS is a MORE DOTS web platform reserved to healthcare professionals with contents and services dedicated to healthcare, wellbeing and medical sciences.

Access to LIVEAS and to the reserved areas, for which registration is required, is free of charge.

The use of the LIVEAS platform gives the status of “User” and implies that the “general terms and conditions of use” of the platform and services are fully accepted.

In the event of violation of the general terms and conditions of use LIVEAS may refuse access to the platform.

The general terms and conditions of use may be subject to change at any time by the LIVEAS team; the recommendation is therefore to read them carefully whenever using the platform to check for any changes.

Industrial and intellectual property

All trademarks present on LIVEAS belong to their legitimate owners.

All the material on LIVEAS is the property of MORE DOTS, unless otherwise indicated; LIVEAS is subject to the Italian and European copyright laws; any texts taken from other sources are also protected by copyright law.

Without prior authorisation from MORE DOTS K.f.t. even the partial reproduction of texts is prohibited.

LIVEAS contents and documentation

The information provided on this website is not a medical consultation. Under no circumstances shall this information replace a doctor’s consultation, examination or diagnosis. The information made available cannot be considered as a suggestion for making a diagnosis, determining treatment or taking or suspending a medication without first consulting a general practitioner or specialist. The use of the information made available is therefore under the responsibility, control and discretion of the User.

MORE DOTS is committed to keeping all platform information up to date and error-free, but cannot guarantee that this will always be the case. Consequently, the MORE DOTS team is not responsible for any errors or omissions that may appear in the platform’s contents, or which may be due to inaccuracies, incompleteness or updating of the content. Should errors be detected, the MORE DOTS team will endeavour to correct them as soon as possible.

MORE DOTS cannot monitor or verify the information or content of other websites that can be accessed through hyperlinks in the platform, just as it cannot recommend their use under any circumstances. The MORE DOTS team only takes the responsibility of not publishing information that does not meet the requirements of these terms and conditions of use and agrees to remove, as soon as possible, any information or content that is false, misleading or that could harm users.

The platform allows users the option to report any content/information that does not meet the terms and conditions of use and is considered inappropriate by emailing to info@moredots.eu.

The MORE DOTS team asks to report such irregularities only in case of real need; should the content not violate the terms and conditions of use, the content will not be removed.

Use of the LIVEAS platform

MORE DOTS verifies the identity of users, the validity, truthfulness, completeness or authenticity of data, the contents or information of any kind provided by users themselves but cannot control the use that users make of the sections and tools activated in the platform.

Each User is therefore responsible for the data, opinions, messages and information published, which must be truthful and suitable for the intended purpose; users accept responsibility for what they publish.

MORE DOTS K.f.t. cannot be held responsible for opinions, messages or information that users decide to publish on the platform.

In no case can the MORE DOTS team be held responsible for private messages exchanged between users on the platform, nor can it be held liable for damages resulting from the access and, in the event, for the interception, cancellation, modification or manipulation by authorized or non-authorized third parties of messages, contents, information or photographs that users provide to third parties using the tools contained on the platform.

By way of example, the User undertakes not to use the platform to transmit, disseminate or provide to third parties information, messages, graphic material, audio or files of images, photographs, recordings, software and, in general, any kind of material that in any way may:

In case of violation of these rules the MORE DOTS team reserves the right to suspend the user’s account without prior notice, reserving the right to take legal action against him/her.

The MORE DOTS team also reserves the right to remove or not to publish any content (message, comment or photograph) that contains health or sensitive information that does not comply with the above requirements, without prior notice or subsequent communication to the user.

The user is responsible for protecting the personal credentials (user id and password) used to access the website.

MORE DOTS K.f.t. cannot be held responsible for the use of the user’s password and login by third parties who have taken possession of the user’s credentials.


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